Anime Throwback: To Sacrifice One’s Life for Your Beloved

To sacrifice one’s life for your beloved’s sake. No act is as noble as that. This though is relived by our protagonist who might not be an OP but has gained an interesting power in his hand, literally.


Saito Hiraga, an ordinary highschool boy is brought to a parallel world filled with magic. A world where students casts spells here and there.

One day, the Tristain Academy, an academy for magicians, held a ritual for the witches to summon their familiar. One witch summoned a large mole, one summoned a fire salamander and another summoned a wind dragon that can take human-form.

But among those witches, one lovable odd is most anticipated by all, or not. Louis Francois Le Blanc de La Valliere, a witch known as Zero, not because of her utmost awesomeness but because of her zero percentage on spell casting, a cute spec to add on her lovable character. To make it worse, each time she cast a spell, huge explosion follows covering everyone around her with smoke.

And so, the familiar summoning comes to the life of this lovable lady. Enchanting a summoning spell not known by anyone, even her, with the hope to summon a splendid familiar and prove to all that she is an able magician. She is filled with hope but Saito Hiraga, a human from the other world, appeared instead. Everyone is startled, no known records of human being summoned in this ceremony before. But nothing can be done, a witch can only summon one familiar in her lifetime unless death breaks them apart. Although reluctant, Louise kissed Saito in the lips to seal the ritual and form a contract between them. Thereby the birth of the Void Mage and her Gandalfr, a legendary familiar.


Days filled with fun, adventure, and explosion followed this two power couple. But they are not alone in this journey. Along with their ride is Derflinger, Saito’s talking sword; Tabitha, a taciturn wind mage who is actually a heir of a kingdom; Kirche, a fire mage; Henrietta de Tristain, the princess of Tristain and her future queen; and more.

Everything is going well until, jumping to couple of episodes, Albion, the floating island nation, is now conquered by Reconquista. Lord Cromwell, the leader of Albion rebellion seeks to spread his power and began to attack Tristain. Tristain being attack will never sit back on their desk.

Albion has two cities: New Castle and South Gotha. Knowing that Albion’s forces is forming their line of defense on South Gotha, Henrietta, now the Queen of Tristain, force her army to the location. This move though backfired when Sheffield, another Void Familiar and is secretary of Lord Cromwell, used her Ring of Andavari to contaminate the water system causing Henrietta’s army to get brainwashed and start a rebellion.

Albion Attack

Everything is in chaos. Death surrounds the corners of South Gotha and soon all enemy forces will advance to Henrietta’s camp. Henrietta’s advisor approach Louis to hold off the enemy for the evacuation of the Queen and the citizens residing Albion. Louis, having great loyalty to the Queen which is also her friend, agreed despite knowing it is a suicide mission.

The morning comes. Louis approaches Saito asking him to escape for safety. Saito knowing what Louis is up to tried to stop her. But nothing can be done to stop Louis’ resolve to uphold her duty to protect the country.

In the end, Louis asked Saito to marry her. A tradition dreamed by every woman but for Louis, the only wish she want before she died for her country. Through Eclair de Amour, a magic flower that entails the condition of one’s partner even at miles apart, the two took a vow to be together forever. Louis suddenly faint though, without even finishing her vow. Unbeknown to her, Saito poured a sleeping potion to the wine she drank before taking the vow.

Zero no Tsukaima 02

Louis is brought to safety whilst Saito came to the battlefield. He ran down the hill facing the enemy of 70000. Pledging deep down in his heart and mind that he will defeat the enemies for the sake of his beloved. The enemy mage showered him with thunders and flames, he never falter. A giant’s stomp hurls his body distance but he kept on standing and striking every enemy with Louis’ face carved in his mind. The enemy showered him with arrows but evasion is nigh, one by one the arrows pierces through his defense. This was indeed a hopeless situation. Saito, now enduring a critical injury is in the middle of the enemy of thousands. Each and everyone preparing to bath him with arrows and magics. All he can do is shout his bride’s name.

The Eclair de’ Amour in Louis hand withered.

Flower Withered

Is this the end?

To find out, watch Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi (2007). The Zero no Tsukaima anime series has four seasons: Zero no Tsukaima (2006), Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi (2007), Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo and (2008), Zero no Tsukaima F (2012). It was based on a Light Novel written by Noboru Yamaguchi. The Light Novel series was left unfinished after the death of the author on April 2013. Thankfully, a two volume conclusion followed on February 2016 and February 2017 through the notes left by the author.

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