The Anime Community Have Spoken: Top 10 Unreasonably Violent Female Character (Goo Ranking)

10. Hana Midorikawa


Character Voice: Hanazawa, Kana

Hana is the secretary of the Underground Student Council, a vigilante school organisation. Hana is the fourth-best karate champion in the inter-high school championships. She is a subordinate and loyal friend of Mari Kurihara, the president of the USC.

Hana is a kind and shy individual, who enjoys brewing & drinking dandelion tea and has a love for four-leaf clovers. She can be very violent when angry, and expresses her anger with proficient karate attacks. She is somewhat reserved in comparison to Meiko Shiraki (the Underground Student Council’s Vice-President), wearing underlayers when on guard duty. She is actually very shy and reserved, as shown when she is caught in compromising conditions by Kiyoshi Fujino a number of times. Hana is shown to be quite impressionable out of her tough exterior as in compromising or sexual situations, she faints and becomes mortified.

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9. Kaori Makimura


Character Voice: Ikura, Kazue

The other half of City Hunter, and Ryo Saeba’s partner. She is primarily responsible for getting clients, and other managerial tasks. She also cooks and defends Ryo’s female clients from his less honorable intentions. Though Kaori’s combat skills don’t even come close to her partner’s, she can stop Ryo cold with one of her hammerspace weapons. Primarily she uses a hammer (usually weighing at least 100 tons), but she uses other objects as well. She also learned how to set traps and plant explosives from Umibozu. Her shooting skills are affected somewhat by Ryo’s tampering with her gun, meant to ensure that she would always miss and therefore not be able to bloody her hands as Ryo has had to do.

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8. Sakura Haruno

“Every one of us must do what’s in their power! If we’re going to die anyway, then it’s better to die fighting than to do nothing!”


Character Voice: Nakamura, Chie

Sakura is the only female ninja of Team 7. When she first meets Naruto she is physically weak and has an immense crush on Sasuke. She dislikes Naruto as well.The only thing she’s good at is her brain as the smartest girl in ninja academy her excellent chakra control, out of that she could be categorized as a kunoichi. In the first part of the Chuunin exam she is easily able to answer the questions, but in the second part she is unable to defeat the Sound ninja attacking Sasuke and Naruto. She makes a pledge to become a better ninja and a better person. To prove her commitment she cuts her long hair with a kunai.

In the third part of the Chuunin Exam she goes up against Ino Yamanaka, her former friend but current rival for Sasuke’s affections. The two defeat each other simultaneously. This turns their relationship in a rivalry between friends.

In the time pass, Sakura has grown not only as a medical-nin, now she’s also a capable fighter. She can manage to destroy the ground with her fist using her inhuman strength, a chakra control technique she learned from Tsunade, and she is also able to beat Sasori from Akatsuki together with elder Chiyo from Sunagakure. Additionally she is a genjutsu type, and though she has yet to use that potential she does show an almost complete immunity to being trapped in an illusion.

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7. Mahiru Inami

“I’m sorry I always hit him!”


Character Voice: Fujita, Saki

Inami is a timid, 17-year-old girl who joins the rest of the employees at Wagnaria. She has androphobia and is thus terrified of men; she punches any male that comes near her. This violent behavior arises from her belief that every man is ready to attack her, but instead she is prone to violently attacking men at a moment’s notice due to this fear.

This androphobia was caused by her father who did not want her to eventually wed due to jealousy and thus told her that males would attack her, which ended in her fearing men since then. As she and Souta usually share shifts, he takes the brunt of her attacks.


However, she makes considerable progress with her fear of men by taking it out on Souta; she states that she is able to be about two meters close to guys without having the urge to hit them. Though this extends to only having fairly civil conversations (often ruined by Souta’s rudeness) or if Inami launches an attack on him.

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6. Chitoge Kirisaki


Ahhh! The face of innocence. What a lovely girl, isn’t she? Don’t be fooled. When she goes full berserk, no one knows what will happen. By the way, her father is a gangster.


Character Voice: Touyama, Nao

The female lead of Nisekoi. She is the daughter of the lead of the Bee Hive Gangsters and is in a fake relationship with Ichijo Raku.

Chitoge is very smart and completely fluent in both English and Japanese despite growing up in America. She is half-Japanese. She is somewhat forgetful, aggressive and quick to attack someone who gets on her nerves. Once you get to know her though, she becomes very talkative and friendly.

She is very bad at cooking because she never measures ingredients and adds random things she thinks will make the dish taste better. She is very athletic as she can easily jump over the school’s walls and swim 25 meters in a couple of seconds.

Ever since she was a child she has had a hard time making friends as others were afraid of her gangster family and as a result she had a cold demeanor toward people at the start of the series due to Claude’s over protectiveness. This led her to create notebooks filled with information on classmates in an attempt to make friends.

“Everyone has an ability. And it means that everyone should use that ability to the fullest.”

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5. Asuka Langley Shikinami


Character Voice: Miyamura, Yuko

Asuka is the Second Child (‘Second Children’ in the Japanese versions of NGE), who pilots Evangelion Unit 02. She is from Germany, but with an American father and a half-German, half-Japanese mother. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series of movies, her name is changed to Asuka Langley Shikinami.


Asuka has a difficulty being close to people. Her coping mechanism is over-aggressiveness. She feels the need to verbally and sometimes physically lash out at everyone around her. She unintentionally hurts people she likes, pushing them away and thus sinking further into loneliness and self resentment. This issue is referred to as the “hedgehog’s dilemma” and is a recurring motif in the story.

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4. Lum


Character Voice: Hirano, Fumi

Lum (also referred to in English dubs as Lamù) is a beautiful Oni alien who is capable of flying and generating electrical shocks.

She is extremely popular and is famous for ending her sentences with ~datcha (loosely translated as “yes?” or “you know?”).

Except when in her school girl’s uniform, she usually wears a sexy outfit consisting of a tiger-striped bikini and knee-high go-go boots.

While generally good-natured, sweet, and innocent, Lum also has a very hot temper. Her dream in life is to live in a “Sweet Home with Darling” in which she keeps house and raises babies while Ataru works. Unfortunately, Lum’s idea of “cooking” is to take very spicy ingredients like jalapenos, cayenne peppers, and Tabasco sauce and irradiate them with an alien energy bazooka until they carbonize into inedible, crystallized nuggets. As an alien she has access to many bizarre gadgets whose use she really doesn’t understand all that well, leading to comedic results. Differences between human and “Invader” physiology also drive many stories, like the time Lum’s horns begin to grow larger after she is bitten by a cow, or the time she becomes drunk by eating pickled plums.

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3. Fumino Serizawa


Character Voice: Itou, Kanae

One of the main heroines of the story, she is the childhood friend of Takumi, and has been with him ever since they were both in the orphanage. She has a habit of meaning entirely the opposite of what she usually says, a fact only Takumi seems to be aware of. It was revealed that Takumi was the unwitting inspiration for this habit. She works at the Stray Cats as a part-time job. When she’s angry, she tends to shout “Die twice already!” to the poor soul who incurred her wrath. In addition, Takumi (and occasionally Ieyasu) is the unfortunate recipient of much of her violent outbursts, ironically it being him who taught her that.


She has a crush on Takumi, and is frequently teased about it by her good friend, Kanae. She confesses to Takumi in a panic, and leaves Takumi somewhat hanging on the credibility of what she had said, stating both love and hate towards him. Fumino’s parents died in an accident, leaving her orphaned. She is also shown to be extremely jealous when Takumi gets along well with other girls. She is easily embarrassed, and can get worked up if someone even suggests that she cares for them. To hide this, she normally comes up with unrealistic lies to hide her concern for anyone.

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2. Haruhi Suzumiya


Oh! Spot on! See the kick coming? Yes, that came from the second most violent woman in the anime realm. Haruhi Suzumiya!


Character Voice: Hirano, Aya

Haruhi Suzumiya, a first year student at North High School (in novels 1-8), and second year (in the 9th and latest novel), can be characterized as funny, eccentric, and somewhat unpredictable. In the series, she is introduced declaring her interests in aliens, espers and time travelers and does not care for “ordinary” human beings. The last thing on her mind is a normal high school life. With a burning desire to find such phenomena in the world, she is generally unapproachable and finds ordinary people boring and uninteresting. As a result of this, many of her classmates choose to avoid and confront her. She deals with her emotions by creating a parallel universe, where she inadvertently releases transparent creatures who tear up and destroy everything that comes into contact with them. Espers are the ones who can stop these creatures by cutting and destroying them, because if these creatures are left alone destroying everything as well as the outer barrier it could affect the outside world. She also likes to dress up Mikuru in random outfits.

Kyon is the first character to engage with her in a serious conversation. From this encounter, she gradually begins to soften up to others and starts to open up with her classmates. Later on, Haruhi took Kyon against his will and forced him to help her start the SOS Brigade, thus she has taken an unknown interests to Kyon later in the series. It is hinted that one of the reasons as to why Haruhi opened up to Kyon was that he resembled John Smith; John Smith and Kyon are the same person.

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1. Tae Shimura


Character Voice: Yukino, Satsuki

Tae Shimura is Shinpachi’s older sister. She runs the Kakidokan Dojo, which was her father’s failing dojo, with her brother. She is usually addressed as “Otae”; the “O” is an honorific used to refer to women. Kagura always addresses her as “Big sister”(ane-go).


Despite her sweet face, she is one of the most violent characters in Gintama (and arguably strong too). She mercilessly beats up Kondo Isao and Gintoki whenever they anger her; in episode 19, she mercilessly kicks the men out onto the road (namely her brother, Gintoki and Hasegawa) so as to stop a car for a hitch ride. She often displays her trademark sweet-looking smile with her eyes closed before engaging in her violent activities. Her killer intent is so strong that on one occasion, a stare from her brings the entire Shinsengumi on their knees begging for mercy. Her weapon of choice seems to be a naginata, a Japanese spear.

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