Fly with Goku with this New Attraction on J-World Tokyo and more!

To fellow Dragon Ball Fans who will visit Japan in the months to come. You and your family will never want to miss this amazing event that is soon to unfold. By September 10 and 23 of the present year, a fan run event with the theme of Toriyama Akihara’s Dragon Ball will be held at Makuhari Seaside Park and Aichi Rinku Beach, respectively.

The participants will be awarded with Dragon Ball T-shirts upon joining. The course is 3 kilometer in length and amazing activities can be enjoyed along the run. The participants can go and collect dragon balls with special items enclosed in it, spots where participants can take picture with Dragon Ball Characters is available and the Dragon Ball’s Voice Actors and singers are also scheduled to come. The registration will begin by July 3 and the admission fee is 6800 yen for adults and 3800 yen for children. For more information visit the event’s Official Website.


If fan run is not your type of activity. Why not try this new attraction at Namco‘s J-World Tokyo. This indoor theme park features a full-packed experience of riding Goku‘s Nimbus Cloud in 3D. This virtual coaster is a 3D simulated ride that brings the riders to the world of Dragon Ball while experiencing real winds, the speed, the sudden drops and the elevations, all of which, while flying along with goku through a screen that spreads all-over the field of vision.

To further heighten the Dragon Ball experience. You and your family can also enjoy a Nimbus Cloud-themed Dessert which you can eat after the ride and during your tour around the Namco’s J-World Tokyo. The Nimbus virtual coaster will be available for ride by July 15.


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