A Journey Beyond: The Rank Ups for the Most Regard Alien Characters in the Anime! (Top 10 and more!)

The universe is vast and its life has been rolling for billions of years. It is inevitable to think that somewhere out there, a lifeform so advance, something beyond our imaginations have exist for who knows since when. Thoughts made stronger by the mankind’s greatest thinkers and made even richer by our ever-growing imagination.

Surely, this have sparked the birth of numerous contemporary works that is sure to inspire a new generation of thinkers and dreamers of this world yet to be reached by this tiny little hands of ours. From xenomorphs to predators, beings so advance and powerful, they could trigger the brink of mankind. From War of the Worlds to the Independence Day, stories of this beings colonizing the Earth but mankind, never to get overwhelmed, has made its stand and won. Though, our first contact could also be peaceful as such with our band of Superheroes.

Anime, with its oh so massive possibilities, is one of the growing residence of this beings. Dragonball is one of such. Goku, a Saiyan sent to the Earth to initiate its destruction has his memory altered instead due to an accident. Since then, he grow up pure-hearted and later become Earth’s greatest defender. Throughout his life, he trains hard and constantly strives to be the greatest warrior possible and to fight stronger opponents, which has kept the Earth and the Universe as a whole safe from destruction many times.

On this World UFO Day, let us present you this humble list of the most regard extraterrestrial characters of the anime; characters which we grew attached with and thereby become part of our life. This list is ranked from respected to the most regard characters of the anime carefully constructed through Animei-Chan’s usual formula of dedication and hardwork. May you have a pleasurable experience.

10. Ryouko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki)

Character Voice: Orikasa, Ai

Ryoko Hakubi is a main character in the Tenchi Muyo! series. She is a semi-reformed space pirate who is madly in love with Tenchi Masaki, the main protagonist.

Ryoko is always shown to have a very competitive relationship with Princess Ayeka, who also has a very strong romantic interest in Tenchi. Ryoko has differing abilities throughout the series but her aggressive, emotional personality tends to remain the same.

Ryoko is the product of combining a powerful creature known as Masu, with the ova of Washu Hakubi, the greatest scientific genius in the universe, making Washu her mother. Ryoko was created to be an entity capable of wielding the power of Washu’s three mysterious gems which will allow Ryoko to generate Light Hawk Wings, the most potent source of energy in the dimension. Washu also created a living spacecraft, the powerful Ryo-Ohki, to be Ryoko’s companion and ship.

9. Frieza (Dragonball)

Character Voice: Nakao, Ryuusei

Frieza was the emperor of the universe, who controlled his own imperial army and was feared for his ruthlessness and power. He was the descendant of Chilled, the second son of King Cold, the younger brother of Cooler, and the father of Kuriza. Frieza is the catalyst antagonist of the entire franchise, as it is his actions that led to Goku arriving on Earth. He has made several comebacks since his fight with Goku on Namek, including his invasion on Earth. He has also been chosen to represent Universe 7 as the tenth member of Team Universe 7 for the Tournament of Power as a replacement for Majin Buu.

According to Akira Toriyama, Frieza’s design is an amalgamation of what he thought monsters looked like in his childhood. According to the Daizenshuu, Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama’s second editor, Yū Kondō. According to Daizenshuu 2, Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza due to the events of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza specifically being based on real estate speculators, which Toriyama claimed were “the worst sort of people.”

Frieza is one of the villains in the series who possesses an entire range of transformations, each one being quite different than the others. It is implied by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the series that Frieza’s fourth, most powerful form is actually his original form, with the other three being forms that suppress and conserve his enormous power. Frieza later confirms this while fighting the main protagonist, Goku. His forms seem to revolve around both western and Japanese concepts of demons.

8. Nyaruko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san)

Character Voice: Asumi, Kana

Nyaruko is the main protagonist of the anime, manga, and novel series. She’s a alien who is sent by the Space Defence Agency to Earth to protect Mahiro Yasaka. Nyaruko is a race of alien known as a Nyarlathotep which was originally featured in Lovecraft’s books as a type of monster. Nyaruko quickly falls in love with Mahiro though which she refers to as “love at first sight”. Her feelings towards Mahiro become serious with her going so far as eventually talking about marriage and a family together.

Nyaruko takes the form of a human girl with long silver-colored hair, but jokingly says to Mahiro that she can change to her original form if he wants her to. In order to blend in she takes the name Nyaruko Yasaka as Mahiro’s cousin when staying at Mahiro’s house, and attending his school. Her actual age is unknown since she always stops Mahiro whenever he becomes curious or questions her age. When it comes to education she stated to Mahiro that she graduated from one of the best universities at the top of her class, and entered the Space Defense Agency after her exam. Despite her graduation, she joins Mahiro at his school in order to get closer to him.

Nyaruko is shown to be highly into gaming, and says that Earth’s entertainment is well known to aliens across the universe. While in combat, Mahiro notices that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to brutal habits to any hostile aliens. She mainly uses her own form of space CQC close quarter combat weapons while fighting, with her weapon of choice being “Some Kind of Unspeakable Bar Thing”. While in full force mode she adorns a black and red helmet with armor that covers her entire body.

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7. Migi (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu)

Character Voice: Hirano, Aya

Migi is a parasite that infested the right hand of the story’s protagonist, Izumi Shinichi. Migi is unlike most other parasites in the series. He didn’t develop an urge to eat humans, due to not consuming the brain of its host, which also allowed Shinichi to retain his individuality.

Migi can change his forms depending on the situation, as such he doesn’t have a constant appearance. He is also capable of changing his form into weapons such as an arm blade or create human like eyes and a mouth to communicate. As parasites are limited to only being able to mutate the area in the body they merged with, Migi is only able to transform the right arm of Shinichi.

Migi is a parasite and as such lacks the emotions of a human being. His main purpose is to keep him and his host (Shinichi) alive, even if that means killing his own kind. Due to his curious nature he tends to read a lot, this may imply he is quite intelligent which further solidified by the fact that he learned Japanese in ‘1 day’.


Throughout the series it is seen that Migi gains more human-like aspects, sometimes even showing respect towards others. Migi even considered Shinichi to be his friend and states that he’s ‘glad he failed to take over his brain’. When Migi visits Shinichi in his dream, before going to sleep for an indefinite amount of time, he thanks Shinichi for all their experiences together and that he was fortunate enough to make a friend.

6. Lum (Urusei Yatsura)

Character Voice: Hirano, Fumi

Lum is a beautiful Oni alien who is capable of flying and generating electrical shocks. She is extremely popular and is famous for ending her sentences with ~datcha, loosely translated as “yes?” or “you know?”. She usually wears a sexy outfit consisting of a tiger-striped bikini and knee-high go-go boots except when in her school girl’s uniform.

While generally good-natured, sweet, and innocent, Lum also has a very hot temper. Her dream in life is to live in a “Sweet Home with Darling” in which she keeps house and raises babies while Ataru works. Unfortunately, Lum’s idea of “cooking” is to take very spicy ingredients like jalapenos, cayenne peppers, and Tabasco sauce and irradiate them with an alien energy bazooka until they carbonize into inedible, crystallized nuggets.

5. Kyubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

Character Voice: Kato, Emiri

Kyubey is an Incubator, also known as a Messenger of Magic. It is a small, cat-like creature that has white fur and four ears. One pair of the ears represent the average cat and the other similar to those of a rabbit’s. It has red eyes and golden rings around the longer ears.

Kyubey is a creature who makes contracts with young girls to turn them into “Magical Girls” so that they can fight witches. In this process, the girl makes a wish and Kyubey grants it, but in return, the girl’s soul is put in a small gem, which is also the source of their magic. If destroyed, the magic will disappear and the girl will die. If it turns black the gem will turn into a grief seed and the girl will turn into a witch.

Much like the rest of it’s race, Kyubey does not possess any human emotion; treating the Magical Girl’s bodies as empty shells. Despite his emotionless attitude, it likes hot baths and human food. It is also able to bleed, though it can reproduce it’s body and eat the old one. This body reproduction ability can be used whenever Kyubey’s body is too damaged to be used or simply at an inconvenient state. It has an unlimited amount of these extra “bodies” that could be used.

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4. Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

Character Voice: Chihara, Minori

Yuki Nagato is very short for her “age” compared to the rest of her friends. She has short jagged purple hair which never grows and golden brown eyes. She used to wear glasses but stopped after Kyon, the main male protagonist, told her she looked better without them.

Yuki Nagato later revealed to Kyon that she is a humanoid interface with the appearance of an ordinary North High student. It is not clear which faction of the Data Overmind she serves, though she has confirmed that she belongs to the “majority” faction and is not a member of a radical one.

At first glance, Nagato appears to be an introverted, taciturn bibliophile. She was created with limited social abilities, something she claims will affect her until she ceases functioning. She rarely speaks, often ignoring attempts to communicate, using gestures like nods, staring or pointing, or giving one word replies. Sometimes she provides a complex explanation using mostly scientific terms to explain even the simplest of things, or announces events which other Brigade members might not notice.

Nagato’s voice is usually a monotone. Nagato’s facial expressions rarely change, and any such changes are minor. But, over the course of her time, she comes to develop insights into being a person, as well as emotions.

3. Kagura (Gintama)

Character Voice: Kugimiya, Rie

Kagura, meaning “god-entertainment” is a member of the Yorozuya alongside Sakata Gintoki and Shinpachi Shimura and the main female protagonist of Gintama.

Although she appears to be a normal, cute, human girl in Chinese-style clothing, she actually belongs to the Yato Clan, one of the strongest and most bloodthirsty of the Amanto races. The Yato are said to have “transparent” skin that is highly sensitive to sunlight, so Kagura carries a purple parasol at all times. The parasol is also the Yato clan’s weapon of choice; Kagura’s is bulletproof and fires bullets from its tip. Because of her Yato blood, she is super-strong and can stop a speeding motor-scooter with one hand. Although stronger than most humans, she cannot control her strength perfectly. Her super-human strength makes her extremely bad with pets. Most of her pets, with the exception of Sadaharu, have met with an untimely demise by her hands.

She is also extremely flexible and fast; capable of catching multiple speeding bullets between her teeth and fingers. During battle, she’s often seen flipping through the air and performing various acrobatic feats. Due to her Yato blood, she is capable of rapid regeneration, healing from a gunshot wound almost overnight.

2. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To Love Ru)

Character Voice: Tomatsu, Haruka

Lala Satalin Deviluke is the main female protagonist of To-Love Ru. She ran away from her home since she didn’t want to marry any of her suitors. Due to an accident, she ends up arriving and living on Earth.

Lala is a highly attractive teenage girl with long bubble gum pink hair, emerald green eyes, curvaceous and often referred to as a perfect girl. Her most distinguishing feature is her tail which extends down from the base of her back. Her tail is long, thin, and ends with a heart-shaped tip.

She is incredibly enthusiastic about the smallest things and has a very bubbly and slightly childish nature, which is most likely the result of being raised as the first princess of Deviluke. Although she can also be a bit of an air-head and a scatterbrain most of the time, she is known for her genius-level intellect as seen in her amazing array of inventions; her planet even wanted to use her for weapons research and engineering. She is very caring and generous and appears to have a need to make everyone she cares about happy, even those of which she doesn’t have any real relationship with, such as her teacher. This trait, along with her vast intellect, is obviously one she inherited from her mother. She is very naive about earth culture and will often make highly dangerous mistakes by either accident or serious miscommunication.

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1. Haruko Haruharu (FLCL)

Character Voice: Mayumi Shintani

Abilities: Acting, Playing Bass Guitar, Playing Guitar, Baseball

Supernatural Abilities: Illussion, Shapeshifting

Weapons: Baseball Hat

Haruko Haruhara is an energetic, spontaneous, hot pink-haired girl, and investigator for the Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood/Stellar Fraternity. She claims to be 19 years old, but it is impossible to know if this is the truth. She ran over Naota with her Vespa and hits him on the head with her guitar. Soon after she’s hired by Naota’s father, Kamon, as a house maid.

Haruko is highly eccentric, violent and unpredictable. She is the most erratic character in the show and the things she does and says often make very little sense. This is largely an act, though, to mask her true nature. While her relations with Naota and her battles with Medical Mechanica drive the plot, Haruko’s true goal is Atomsk’s power, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She manipulates Naota to this end and is furious when her plan backfires, but despite it all the boy seems to have grown on her enough that she allows him to kiss her and parts with him on friendly terms.

Honorable Mentions

Sergeant Keroro (Keroro Gunso)

Mizuho Kazami (Onegai Teacher)

Meow (Space Dandy)

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