39 no Hi: Beat Crusaders. A Fun Live Act that was Not to be Missed. (ft. Kenpachi Zaraki)

Beat Crusaders was a Japanese Rock Band active from 1997 to 2010 distinguished by dot-matrix printed mask they wore on all of their performances. These masks represent the faces of each of the band member.

Beat Crusaders was a band instigated by Toru Hidaka as an experimental US Lo-Fi Indie Rock unit. Their creative use of analog synthesizers and the old Casiotone, incorporated with influences of such bands as Weezer and The Rentals, and at times the dynamism of Snuffesque rock, had transformed them into a powerfully melodic guitar band. By the end of 1998, Beat Crusaders had already started creating songs which emphasized they were a crazy and fun live act that was not to be missed.

Later down the road, a career breakthrough was offered on the band moving them out of the indie scene and hitting Japanese Music; their song “Hit in the USA” was used for the opening theme of an anime series, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. Since then, they have released several more albums including a cover album of American and British songs entitled “Music Crusaders”. Their song “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” was used as the fourth opening theme of the Bleach anime. In 2006, the band’s music made its first American appearance as the opening theme song, “Hey x 2 Look x 2” (Aka “Hey Hey Look Look”), was used to the Nicktoons animated series Kappa Mikey. Their single “Winterlong” was also used as the opening them of the anime, Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales.

Amidst their fame, every beginning has an end. By 2010, Beat Crusaders has announced that they would break up; an announcement that is sure to dishearten all the people who got attached and became part of their music. But surely, Beat Crusaders would never leave their fans just like that. Alongside to their break up, Beat Crusaders left not one but two albums namely; Rest Crusaders, a 22-track album that is deemed as 3rd best album of the band which was also released as a limited edition, adding 19 more tracks in it, and Lost Crusaders, a Live album & a Blu-ray release featuring their last performance at OTODAMA’10 on September 4, 2010, last live house appearance footage at Shimokitazawa SHELTER, a documentary footage and a music video. We can buy the albums here and here.

Featured Commendations

velcom says:

really sad they broke up 😦 thankfully they have done one hell of a last album for the fans.
And not mention, Hidaka (the singer) is going solo and has revealed himself 😮
Hope that his future music will be good. He has also formed some other band called TV MURDERS who are doing a cover album soon.

PokeBaal says:

My favorite band ever.

zurgboy00 says:


Featured Discography

Hit in the USA
Single, 3 tracks, 20.10.2004, Buy Here!








Album, 21 tracks, 09.03.2005, Buy Here!







Bleach the Best
Album, 12 tracks, 13.12.2006, Buy Here!

Gintama Best 2
Album, 17 tracks, 22.06.2011, Buy Here!

Featured Songs

1. Beck Opening Theme: Hit in the USA

2. Beck Insert Song: Follow Me

3. Beck Ending Theme 2: Moon in the Water

4. Bleach Opening Theme: Tonight Tonight Tonight

5. Gintama Ending Theme: Wo Ai Ni

6. Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales Opening Theme: Winterlong

7. Keroro Gunsou Movie 3 Ending Theme: Arienai Kurai Kiseki

8. Beck Insert Song: Genki wo Dashite

9. Beck Insert Song: Gymnasium

10. Sensation


Bleach Opening Theme: Tonight Tonight Tonight
Kenpachi Zaraki’s Cover

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